Linda Kingsford is a Suffolk based artist who has lived most of her life in East Anglia. While she studied Fine Art as part of her education it was not until her family had grown up that she commenced painting on an active professional basis.

Over the past decade Linda has developed from her home studio an individual style of painting which in the form of original artwork and limited edition prints has been admired by both art critics and gallery owners alike.

She demonstrates a contemporary and graphic approach to her work resulting in images which range from near photo-realistic landscapes to recreations of vintage advertising posters.

Her seaside compositions illustrate the features of local landmarks and the exhilarating coastline of the region, in particular the Suffolk Heritage Coast. Her artwork captures the passion and fascination that the area can create for the artist.

Linda’s distinctive poster style takes its source from the iconic travel and transport posters of the mid-twentieth century. Based upon this popular style she applies a fresh approach by creating modern images which are not only in harmony with today but also retain a sense of nostalgia.

She paints primarily on canvas in the acrylic medium which provides a vivid and intense range of colours. This gives a sharper, more dramatic and striking effect that accentuates the detailed brushwork that is typical of her skill and technique.

Linda has enjoyed a presence in most of the prestigious art galleries throughout Suffolk and has staged successful solo exhibitions. Also her work has featured in several articles within the East Anglian Daily Times.

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